Our training courses are ideal for those who are looking to upskill and use a different approach to tackle problems. PMCC offers training courses in the theory and application of experimental design, solvent selection, catalysis, process development and quality by design to support either individual or company-wide development.

We have new upcoming virtual training courses for 2021.

  • 'Design of Experiments for Chemists and Engineers' from 13th - 16th September 2021 Book here!
  • ‘Quality by Design’ from 15th - 19th November 2021 – Book here!

We hope to get back to face-to-face training in 2022.

If you are interested in virtual training in either Quality by Design or Design of Experiments, please get in touch

Experimental Design (DoE)

We have been delivering training courses in DoE for over 6 years and have trained more than 600 individuals. Our motto is ‘DoE by chemists, for chemists’ and the courses focus on the scientific process rather than the statistics, enabling easy understanding and a fast adoption of the method. Our courses are not software specific although case studies are delivered using Modde. At all our courses we aim to set up a design for attendees who are willing to discuss their work. This will encourage the implementation of the methodology and increase the chances of running successful designs.

We offer:

  • DoE for formulators through our partner iFormulate
  • Customised in-house DoE courses: tailored to suit your requirements but all delivering 20+ years of DoE and process chemistry experience in plain English. For in-house courses we are able to include analysis of previously run designs, set up new designs and deliver the training in the software you are using.
  • DoE mentoring and coaching. This is a remote service for existing DoE users, generally following a DoE course. The regular sessions will ensure design is being used properly and will ensure maximum value is gained from the DoE process.

Custom advanced DoE training

Are you already using design but not getting the most from your designs? Our advanced training course is developed specifically to enable you to overcome any challenges you are having in using DoE, whether that is in the setting up of designs, choosing the correct design type or getting the most from the analysis including the development and interpretation of reliable models. This training should help you develop and understand the significance of your experimental results and the reliability of your process.

Quality by Design

We have just introduced our new course ‘Quality by Design in Pharmaceutical Development’ which is available through our partner Scientific Update or as a customised in-house course.

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